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  1. Where can i find resources for Mobile Applicaiton development with Embedded VB
  2. Where can i find information about extensions for dreamweaver.Macromedia provides API for it but no technical help. anybody help me in developing this concept...
  3. Hai Friends.. For my Office Intranet Application Development i would like to use JSP Programming. What is the basic requirements for using JSP in Server side. What is the Maximum kind of Application i can do with JSP (Normally in Database)... Muthukumar
  4. Hai Friends.. I am from INDIA. Please help me in using a remote database ( database from a remote computer) in visual basic... (sql server and Access) how can i access it - using it's IP Number or any other ways..? can i host a database in my website and can i use it with my client vb program.. it possible how..? i am expecting your help... Muthukuamr