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  1. Hi i facing a small problem, i am using windows xp sp2 and windows vista ultimate edition, now the problem is that i have attached a external hard disk to my Win xp i was able to view and access all the files and folder and i used the same external HD with my vista i was able to view all folders and file.Now the problem arises when i used the external HD with another system with Windows XP sp2, when i tried to open the folder which i previously accessed using vista its throwing error "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" but actually the folder have data in it, this happen only with 2 folder but other folders are accessible.Can anyone help me with it.
  2. 10x dude
  3. its sounds gr8 thnax
  4. seem kool app dude i really needed one thnx
  5. well waiting shrinker for M$ Office 2007.... is it available ?
  6. Okie LLXX can you tell me exactly which codec is it.... b'coz i have installed the latest codec's available...
  7. well thnx dude, i have tried all the possible solution given ....but no result. so now i have only solution is to reinstall the codec and see.
  8. Well forum i have a small problem... while using image grabber II software to grab screenshot from the movie in (wmv,avi,dat,mpeg) its throwing an error "Class not registered", when i try to open the files. can anyone let me know the reason for error and solution for it thnx
  9. thnx since after long i have been here i will give a try
  10. well really thnx to all my both problem got sloved after installation of video driver.....
  11. dude can you tell me where can i find video driver for my laptop im using Toshiba TE2000 no the hibernate option used to show up when i was using Sp2 but y not know ?
  12. hello, well i have installed WinXp pro sp3 on my system and i have few problems 1. When i scroll before it used to be smooth scrolling but now its wavy scrolling any solution for this ? 2. I cant find Hibernate Option in my Power Options as well as Stand By Option when i trun off my com. so can any one help to set it thnx
  13. well dude it work i have put Obtain Ip address automatic and Dns address automatic in both the system and it work....
  14. thnx dude i will give a try and let you know the result