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  1. When I delete the AutoLogon=Yes & AutoLogonCount=1 from my winnt.sif, I guess I'll leave the the password in it right? So it 'll be like this. Sorry for asking I just want to get it to work.
  2. Thanks to MSFN.org I was able to create my own unattended cd except for some tiny little things. I'm new to this all, I never joined a message board but I really like this one and so I've become a member! See you arround mates!
  3. war59312, thnx for your reply. I did what you said to do and it worked like it should, AutoLogonCount=5 makes me logon 5 times and after that Windows prompts me for my password... This means the fault is in the register tweaks right? Would you please take a look at mine? Tweaks.reg
  4. This might be a real newbie question, but I don't see any other option then to ask you mates... I've almost finished my unattended XP SP2 CD but since this morning I keep bumping against the fact my auto logon doesn't work anymore. And like I said, this never happend untill now!? In my winnt.sif i use the following: And in my Tweak.reg I use this: I hope you can help me cause I'm outta options...