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  1. Hey, no probs! Glad to be of service to an already excellent site. Many of my problems were solved by earlier posts from you, actually.
  2. @Astalavista: To get the administrative install started use the /a switch. If you edit the Setup_ST.ini file as I have (see above post: <{POST_SNAPBACK}>), you don't need any switches at all for a completely silent install from the AIP. Hope that clarifies.
  3. @totoymola: The AIP turned out to be 1.03 GB. Not too shabby! The stats from the original are as follows: 577 MB (Install Disc) + 494 MB (Run Disc) 1071 MB (1.05 GB) So the admin install makes it very slightly smaller (insignificantly really). However, this method is very smooth, requires no switches, and works very well.
  4. I did the /a administrative install straight from the CD. From Run... on the start menu: D:\Setup_ST.exe /a Then I just went through the install as per normal, it asks you to insert the Run Disc, I did that, and everything you need is in the folder you specify during the administrative install. Then I just played around with the Setup_ST.ini file that's in the folder specified in the administrative install. The pertinent points in mine to get a silent install that runs completely from the hard drive look like this: [Options] USERNAME=Your Name RUNTIME=FALSE [Display] Display=None CompletionNotice=No I'm pretty sure that the RUNTIME=False is what gets you to get the entire installation on the hard drive. If you open up the Setup_ST.ini, each section is explained fairly well, just make sure you remove the ; prefixing any comments you edit and want to keep. Another thing you might try doing is using the Cutom Installation Wizard of the Microsoft Office ORK to make a transfrom. I tried it and it seemed to work. However, the ORK tells you that you may not get the proper reults considering that it's not Office. The only reason I tried in the first place is because i tried a /? switch on the Setup_ST.exe and it told me to go to to the Office ORK page for support on command line parameters. In any case, the first method works like a charm.