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  1. i 've just found this forum How could i've know what was posted a year ago ? Btw i'ts AwSoMe !!!
  2. Determines the percentage of connection bandwidth that the system can reserve. This value limits the combined bandwidth reservations of all programs running on the system. By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you can use this setting to override the default. If you enable this setting, you can use the "Bandwidth limit" box to adjust the amount of bandwidth the system can reserve. If you disable this setting or do not configure it, the system uses the default value of 20 percent of the connection. Important: If a bandwidth limit is set for a particular network adapter in the registry, this setting is ignored when configuring that network adapter. --------------------------------------- To do this (win XP only) type gpedit.msc in the run command line then go to computer configuration-->Admin. Templates--> network --> Qos ... --->limit reservable Bandwidth and enable it a 0%