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  1. In previous versions, after finishing, nLite created $OEM$ folder (in my UXP folder) with CMDLINES.TXT: [Commands] "rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection nLite.inf,U" But in this version, the $OEM$ folder wasn't created. I check I386 folder, and NLITE.INF still exist. Somebody can explain it for me ?
  2. @TheSickman: - How about with Foxit PDF Reader ?
  3. 1. I've just downloaded MSFNUnattendedPDF.pdf from 2. Very nice guide , but a lot of pics in this guide are not exist (i also try redownload many times => the same result ) => someone help me ? 3. Sorry for my English Thank's a lot !
  4. an excellent guide ! I love it ! Thank's a lot !
  5. I've tried to translate anythings in my SBB. But some lines are not exist in WINNTBBU.DLL & SYSSETUP.DLL. They're: + Installing Network + Building file list ... + Copying Files ... + Copleting Installation ... Where can i find them ??? Thank's a lot !!! (sorry for my bad Eng)
  6. @Nepali: what theme r u using ??? (so beautiful) can u upload it ??? thanks' alot !!!
  7. because, almost your posts can be find at Bart'sPE forum (& some sub-sites, i know u r a gold member). It means, u r reposting ! But ..... thank's a lot ! It's still new with me.
  8. ...and me too !!! RyanVM, can u hep us ???
  9. Alcohol 120% is the best !!!!
  10. In, i downloaded a PDF file. Actually, the content of that site 's converted to a PDF file It's all guides about WinXP Unattended. So, I very love it (b/c i don't have a lot of time, and ...... not very good at English !) And I want the same file (PDF) for Win98 Unofficial + 98SE2ME. I think, it'll very useful for busy people Can you help me ? Thank's a lot !
  11. At first, i'm not very good at english but i very like this forum and the last, i love your works