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  1. Why dont you just make some groups, under programs, like a game folder where you store all games, and util folder where you store programs, could even more menus like 3d programs, image utilities, soundprograms, burning progs.. etc.. to keep it small and easy
  2. Why use media player for this ??? If you want to rip cd's -> mp3, theres a bunch of progs out ther, if you want to burn mp3's as audio cd's use winamp with diskwriter plugin and it will convert the mp3's to wav. and burn it.. or why not a direct cdcopy ? Did I missunderstand the question or something?
  3. Sometimes when I exit Counter-strike, the computer freeze, mousepointer just locked in the middle and comp wont answer any commands, but after a hardboot it runs the "scandisk" prog, and everything is good.. Just dont like the feeling that it freezes.. ;(