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  1. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Did you stop the device before removing? I'm asking because XP doesn't complain when removing devices directly but in 98/ME/2k you need to stop them first using the system tray icon, and if you do not do that, in Windows 98, you'll get a BSOD. yep, crashes no matter i stop the device or not :-/ could 3.1 fix this?
  2. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    the driver works quite good, except for the fact that i receive a bsod after removing my (usb-2.0-) memory stick. however to see it working (i.e. reading and writing) is a huge improvement, since before my system would crash upon inserting is this a known bug or simply incompatible with my hardware (via kt800, socket 754)?
  3. Games/benches Too Slow In 98se

    hi all, i tried out a few forcewares and somehow aquamark runs smoothly now (with an average score of 59k, i'm satsified with these results) however, the forceware 6x.xx series for win 98/me really seems to be quite buggy, since i can't get to run any opengl app/game properly (it takes 2-3 minutes to start quake and the frame rate is miserable) i guess i'll have to try out another four or five forcewares until i find one that runs flawlessly.
  4. Games/benches Too Slow In 98se

    thats what i did yesterday, but the benchmarks didn't change. well, yes i can play my games (although richard burns rally runs as bad as under win xp). have to try to bench with doom 3, too (but i think opengl just works fine whereas direct3d apps don't (aquamark...))
  5. Games/benches Too Slow In 98se

    yep, installed directx 9c and replaced the dll mentioned. well the "other stuff" is basically nothing of importance. I'll post a log of my installation: (hope i forget nothing) installed w98se installed directx9c and ie6 installed sp2 rc1 ran 98lite (only making on-board stuff optional, not switching to 95-gui etc) installed latest via hyperion (~4.55?) installed forceware 66.94 --- the only other programs running are the razer diamondback driver and the keyboard driver (i will try disabling those) at first i couldn't get aquamark to run, until i used powerstrip's dll and forced antialiasing and anisotripic filtering to "none" in the driver. 3dmark2k5 still won't run (crashes/hangs the system after accessing the floppy at startup) btw: i already tried another driver (63.xx?) but that didn't help. (if i can't get it to run, i'll try to reinstall 98se without _any_ additional app but graphics drivers, via hyperion and aquamark) i'll try codestuff as well, thank you
  6. Games/benches Too Slow In 98se

    hi! i recently installed my all-time favourite os win 98se and upgraded it with sp2 and some other stuff. however, aquamark only gives me a score of around 45000, and i can't get 3dmark 2005 to run at all. well ok, i know, benchmarking isn't all, but i wonder why win 98 performes so bad compared to my previous xp installation (scored 60-65000 there) perhaps my geforce 6800 gt isn't fully supported by the 9x forceware? until now i was used to the fact that win 98 se is the best performing os in terms of gaming or isn't that true anymore?! any help is appreciated. thanks