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  1. Ha. That is too swell. Thanks. i will give that a try tonight. Mark.
  2. How do you do it? If i need to apply any service packs i can just re-create the disc. I have lots of time at work to do
  3. I have created a slipstream XP disc for my work. Is it possible to add office 2003 as an add-on?
  4. a ghost image is an image that you make of a fresh install of windows, and all the apps that you would normally install. At my work i would install XP, office 2003, VNC, and a program called Citrix. I would then do all my updates for Windows and Office. then use Symantec Ghost to create an "image of my computer", so that if i have 10 of the same machines i can just use that "image" and i have 10 perfectly good machines done in 30 mins instead of 1.5 hours per machine
  5. Thanks, that worked great!
  6. Thanks! I will try that now
  7. Good Day, Is there a way to take the Office 2003 CD, and extract Outlook so that i can just install outlook if i choose to do so? thanks