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  1. I scored 4 in build 5536 but now in RC1 only 2.6
  2. try this:*/
  3. my current desktop: large
  4. My current desktop: desktop clean desktop full wb skin: StealthOS left dock: modified kfz sysstats configs bottom dock: single tabbed with tab gfx edited out firefox skin: StealthOS wall: no clue where i found that one
  5. try this to make the taskbar transparent: Hawkeye ShellInit you can use it to set margins aswell.
  6. silly me , i should not try to post when i am just out of bed. couldnt remember where i got it, so i zipped it up. here is the link: wallpaper
  7. @pit: can't u see the hyperlink called my desktop ???
  8. here is mine. my desktop objectdock Last cobalt icons on fading glass bg (autohiding), twincities weather widget, rainlender glassy calender skin, windowblinds Last cobalt skin.
  9. hello all, i learned alot already from reading the forums.