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  1. also try changing the virtual memory size allocation, it may be set to small for the program hes trying to run,
  2. ouch.... what more is their to say
  3. its looking very good , bet your having fun though , lolololo
  4. Downstream 1001 Kbps (125.1 KB/sec) 1081 Kbps (inc. overheads) Upstream 237 Kbps (29.6 KB/sec) 255 Kbps (inc. overheads any good ,?
  5. norton 2003 , easy to use and sits in the background.
  6. i find pro a lot better for me as well.
  7. many thanks for the kind welcome, and crispy regarding the modding , (anything to make it look good , and diff) w00t
  8. tries this and it works as well, hahah. some times the old ones are the good ones,
  9. hi all, names eddie , i live in newcastle upon tyne , uk . im a mod for a local fishing site . had a good look around you have some excellent post's on here, wanting to learn more about modding,