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  1. i got thid problem: Cannot validate the product key The product key used to install Microsoft Windows may not be valid. For more information about why you have received this error message, and steps you can take to resolve this issue, please visit How to Tell. ****!! i tired everything what i know so anyone knows how to use v5?
  2. linuxphr3@k u are cool sedative: thats so nice too gunsmokingman: stupid/sucks desktop ravendark: not so that good but its nice and normal crowman: good idea
  3. Shell("") can that work??
  4. what is 8 in 1 ??
  5. hello , i need help to make a Network Gateway on 2003, i can't find "Set up a home or small office network" on "My Network Places" in windows xp i can use, it but in 2003 i never find it?????? my current network gatway is now windows xp i want to switch to windows server 2003 its hard to make a gateway......., i think MSFN it will make it eezee