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  1. Wait wait wait there... Are you trying to say that you have a Window running with only 114MB of data??? Oh and we are in 2006 (Edit: did a typo myself ^^;
  2. Thank you, Sorry, I use FireFox... Anyway i'm not to bad for someone that speak english only since 5 years ago. Anyway, Practice will make me beter
  3. Ya Neoshooter is great
  4. Haha... My Curently W.I.P ... Ask if you need more infos
  5. Finally I have rigistred here... I have used a lot this board in the pass.. but never registred... I came from Québec (Canada) and French is my primary language, so sorry for my mistakes My favorite thing to do is to mod I love to change all windows... So think that I will spam the Desktop section Another thing that I will love is all the support there for unatended installs or things like this