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  1. does this means that integrating with bashrat driverpacks?
  2. Thanks Vid0..been waiting for this
  3. Thousands thanks Slimzky. Solved the problem right!
  4. Thanks XPero! Downloaded it two times because the md5 checksum still stated differently I think that maybe you forgot to update (the md5 is for xpize mce2)
  5. Old topic revived rstryker said Same problems with my unattended Nlited XP SP2 (Latest RyanVM & Xpize integrated)This solutions works Topic Submitted by ghettochild Any solid solution that can be made by applying regtweaks? Or any other solutions?
  6. this I found at 7zip website FAQ How to install 7-Zip in silent mode? /S for silent installation and /D=dir to specify the "output directory". These options are case-sensitive. 7-Zip uses NSIS installer. works fine for me also
  7. strange..... installed this exe version yesterday after uninstalling version 5.093 today when I open winamp it switch back to old skin and complains about reinstalling after several click of no I finally got it working again Thanks anyway maniaq