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  1. Thanks, this is a very helpful tweak. Gonna give it a try sometime as my boot time speed is very slow
  2. Ah the good times, some quotes are still really nice to use
  3. I'm not as quick a learner as you are so it'll probably take me a bit longer, any advice or sites for tutorials?
  4. thanks bullet that helped and riz i will check both AVG and SAV 9 out
  5. hey guys, i'm new here and just came by to say very nice site and I'm having a problem with uninstalling norton antivirus 2005 the trial version as I got the full version but when i try to install it tells me there is a version of it running although i did not run it, any help would be much appreciated
  6. nice sig/avatar, that's cool...i'm trying to learn fireworks atm
  7. can't wait for it to be back up or if somebody else that has gotten it can host it that would be appreciated