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  1. thx for the new script
  2. version 11 is out
  3. when will it be?
  4. Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.10 released
  5. just tested and it works fine Only 2 shortcuts are placed on the desktop, but you can delete one with following command DEL "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop\Ashampoo*.lnk" thx for your great work
  6. thx, works perfect would be great if you can update to 10.0.7
  7. thx, works perfect
  8. thx radix, works fantastic!!!
  9. @Highspeedmac thx for your script, works fine only msn toolbar installation window pops up!! Can you modify your script to kill this popup?? thx in advance
  10. thx a lot
  11. @ matute_mat do you know any solution, it will be fine if you post it here
  12. AntiVir 9 is out, will you create a silent installer?
  13. you need to install skype and then look into your temp folder, there you will find the skype.msi
  14. would be fantastic, if you could make a switchless installer for the german version! ... many thx for your great work
  15. thx for your quick answer. You are right, its the wrong folder structure. one question: How can i call now wpi.hta from my winnt.sif?