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  1. Windows 7 Msu Update Scripts Please!

    Thank you very much my friend now it works Say can you make me a command line for installing CAB files from this command? start /w pkgmgr /ip /m:c:\cab it works but its not showing me what it installs Can you please make me one that does?
  2. Windows 7 Msu Update Scripts Please!

    thats what i did before and now i changed dir and its the same by the way my friend i changed this ('dir /a /b *.msu') to this (dir /a /b *.msu) and removed the other commands and it listed the updates like you said but the installment dont work cause somethings wrong in this command line can you fix it my friend? I have this @echo off for /f "skip=1" %%A in ('dir /b *.msu') do ( echo Installing Update "%%A" ... start /wait %%A /quiet /norestart > nul ) echo. echo ########################################################### echo. echo Updates are installed echo Press any key to reboot pause >NUL shutdown -r -t 0 it works but its not installing very good and its not wusa thats why its not good
  3. Windows 7 Msu Update Scripts Please!

    Im sorry but it still the same my friend it shows me this: The syntax of the command is incorrect. C:\>for /f i" /quiet
  4. Windows 7 Msu Update Scripts Please!

    none of of what you said works i tried putting the command line in a cmd file copied it to the updates dir and it still shows the dos window and dissapears I think somethings missing it the cmd
  5. Windows 7 Msu Update Scripts Please!

    I Did that and put in the updates dir ran it and it shows the dos window for a second and disappears Why isnt that working?
  6. Windows 7 Msu Update Scripts Please!

    Thanks my friend and how do i make the script? i mean i know how but do i only need to insert the command line you gave me save it as vbs or cmd or bat file and it works? or what? and can you give me a CAB Installer using pkgmgr.exe
  7. Hi can anyone give me scripts or to make scripts for installing windows 7 updates? I need 1 for MSU and 1 for CAB and i need it to be a WUSA Scripts Please Thanks in Advance For the helpers
  8. Hi coucou are you by any chance from israel or are you jewish? cause im from israel and im jewish and i talk hebrew שלום נעים להכיר אותך אני דניאל
  9. Hi wanna know what good in 7C? 7C has advantage over RT7 lite it has minimum bugs and its all natural means it uses MS WAIK Files and nothing more exept for the gui RT7 lite has alot more bugs becuase its not using only MS WAIK Files its not natural so it needs alot of work to make it perfect and 7C dont I Hope you see my point guys. BTW:gretings from israel my friend even thogh we been hated by the world but its ok we understand
  10. To Blue Becuase youre arabic and im a jew so i was wondering if you hate me so do you?
  11. Hi blue say do you accept hebrew language?
  12. Theres Some Kind Of AutoTweaks In nLite?

    Thanks For Your time myfriend say can you tell nuhi if he could make an option in nLite To enable or disable those auto tweaks so we can all have an option to use or not use this tweaks? tnx for your help myfriend
  13. Theres Some Kind Of AutoTweaks In nLite?

    Yes youre right myfriend but in nlite its nevermind what you choose to do Slipstream hotixes remove components or integrate drivers it will make those autotweaks anyway so... sure thanks for helping myfriend
  14. Theres Some Kind Of AutoTweaks In nLite?

    Well then how do you explain that when i use HFSLIP to deploy my xp installation it makes no tweaks and the installation is working fast like the original installation and it works perfectly Btw:And no im not a Noob not a bit
  15. Hi I wanna report some autotweaks in nLite. After you use nLite to deploy your XP installation and you start the process nLite makes some tweaks to windows when i start install the windows the installation is slower then normal installation and after the install is finished i noticed slowness in some installation of programs and other stuff and some tweaks i noticed like in system properties=hardware=driver signing And Its Configured to ignore and i didnt use the tweaks section in nLite And i checked the windows i make on other pcs and its the same and i think those autotweaks is making lots of bugs in the windows and by the looks of it theres other autotweaks in nlite that i dont know of so could you tell nuhi to check it out and please disable it its annoying thanks in advance myfriends