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  1. Thank you very much great : ). It is a worked
  2. Be able to explain please you your intention? I endeavoured to add the next line to the file, but still the hard drive is was not identified:
  3. Thank you Bâshrat the Sneaky. I acted according to the instructions in the message, but still the hard disk was not identified. I attached the TXTSETUP.OEM and part of WINNT.SIF ,will be happy if will be able to examine if there are in them errors. ______________________________________________ WINNT.SIF: TXTSETUP.OEM (in $OEM$\TEXTMODE and I386\$OEM$):
  4. Below txtsetup.oem file contents,That situated by the folders windosXpCD\$OEM$\TEXTMODE and I386\$OEM$ (The explanations accounts were delete) :
  5. Thank you very much, the problem with line 1 is solved. But now the installation does not identify the hard drive, Someone has an idea why the problem exists?. thanks.
  7. Hello, Today tried to create Winddows Xp Installation with VIA VT8237 SATA driver (motherboard:ASUS A7V600-X),By the next message. But at the installation appears the next error: "Line 1 contains a syntax error" Someone knows problem source? thanks, Shaked