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  1. is there a different way to get the ISP besides gethostaddr? I get some IP4 and IP6 error if i use the gethostaddr command...???
  2. I had a similar problem
  3. ok sorry...didn't know and it was my 21st post
  4. Nod32 is the best by far in my opinion...It uses little to no system resources and does a great job...kudos to them
  5. I made something like that... my friend helped me with some htaccess stuff but besides that it was pretty easy to make...
  6. try here:
  7. max my net out at like 750kb/s download....and they have few downtimes....the last one i can think of is 2-3 weeks ago...they were down for like 20min...becuz they were upgrading the servers...
  8. i have had em for over a year and I bought GOLD
  9. Canaca Check this hosting site out. This is who I use and have been very happy with. Bronze: 3.95$ 10,000 MB storage space 200 GB file transfer Free Web site Templates Silver: 7.95$ 20,000 MB storage space 400 GB file transfer Free Web site Templates Gold: 16.95$ 30,000 MB storage space 600 GB file transfer Free Web site Templates The more months you aggree to buy the better deal you get. There is a chart at the bottom of that page that shows u what im talking about. Oh. and for the company you posted above. Never heard of them.
  10. That is mine as of now... My Desktop Here
  11. I found the base skin...and just changed it slightly
  12. ohhh... darn...
  13. now...u said screen resolution could only be done by incorporating javascript in right? How would i go about doing that?
  14. i made one...
  15. My Sig This is what I was able to Make