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  1. The downloads are not working.
  2. USB Stick.
  3. I LOVE Gigabyte motherboards. They have out lasted anything else I have ever used, not 1 has ever failed me.
  4. I'm currently using the Microsoft Security Essentials (Beta) and like it a lot.
  5. You could also try Mesh from MS Live it gives you 5gb free of storage to store files to sync back and forth between different PCs AND it also has a built it remote desktop tool. It will let you connect to any of the machines on your Mesh network. PS. Its all free
  6. Thats a good reason to suggest a 3rd party alternative to MSN, like Trillian or something along those lines. Nothing should EVER touch my PC that I didn't explicitly allow.
  7. See.... thats the thing. Every suggestion you all made where 100% correct when dealing with Windows, and ONLY Windows. Those tips listed above are excellent ways to keep windows working the way it was intended to work. Though I know tons of people who run *nix boxes for years and never have to: re-install, clean "the registry", format, etc. Why because Windows is technologically inferior (in my opinion). Yes, I use windows and I do all the things people suggested. The point is... We shouldnt have to. Mac OS just WORKS, Linux just WORKS, BeOS just WORKS. Therefore Windows should JUST WORK, but I guess MS feels thats not a requirement since they control the market.
  8. Having them all hidden is fine by me. Thanks Gohu
  9. Is there a way to remove the recycle bin from the desktop? Preferably some way that wouldnt be to difficult to re-add it later. Thanks
  10. I think this question depends high on how each person interprets "user friendly" If by user friendly you mean... Having the most software titles available, and the most commonly used then that would be windows. If by user friendly you mean... Coming with many of the most commonly used internet tools like a good web browser, and a few IRC Cliebts, mp3 player, etc then linux would be the answer. Its all about your interpretation of the question.
  11. a few torrent sites, that I cant recall the names of at the moment where taken down by the federalies recently too.
  12. Deviantart. Goto Wallpaper -> Science Fiction
  13. Haha, thanks for the nice comments. DI - Vocal Trance r0x0rs j00r b0x0rs. lol.
  14. Go make your own, here:
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