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  2. and another...
  3. get the same as above only for C++ 6.0
  4. just downloaded latest version and got this msgg from my CA anti-virus 2006/08/01 12:26:59.390 File infection: G:\Misc\ is Win32/HacDef.AH trojan. Deleted 2006/08/01 12:26:59.421 File infection: G:\Misc\ is Win32/HacDef.AH trojan. 2006/08/01 12:26:59.453 File infection: G:\Misc\ is Win32/HacDef.AH trojan. 2006/08/01 12:26:59.625 File infection: G:\Misc\ is Win32/HacDef.AH trojan. 2006/08/01 12:26:59.640 File infection: G:\Misc\ is Win32/HacDef.AH trojan. (LogFile) also i was wondering why evrytime i "nLite" my os cd for most basic hardware (flash drives, mice moniters etc.) i have to go thru the new hardware wizard, but on if i've used nlite, i can do norm install on same pc's (prob on more than 1) and hardware is installed "silently" like it should be, whats with this?
  5. get ur driver from realtek
  6. what is the wizard finding? im also working this on a HP, but i just integrated the "common files" from 888111 into my xp cd, im adding audio drivers via winnt.sif and everything is good, except i alsp keep getting that wizard, but mine is for a plug n play moniter, which just uses the xp driver
  7. yea $oem$\$1\... was actually $oem$\%1 but skip welcome is set to "=1", but i still get the scrn
  8. i also have this problem, winnt.sif below... it seems that everything takes, except, the "preinstall", "URL" and "skip welcome" ; Microsoft Windows ; (c) 1994 - 2000 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. ; ; HP modified Unattended Setup Answer File ; ; [Data] MSDosInitiated=0 UnattendedInstall="Yes" OemDrivers=OemInfFiles [Unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula="yes" OemPreinstall="yes" TargetPath=\WINDOWS FileSystem=* UnattendSwitch="yes" WaitForReboot="no" [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=* EncryptedAdminPassword="no" OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=35 OemSkipWelcome=1 [OemInfFiles] OemDriverFlags=1 OemDriverPathName="%systemroot%\inf" OemInfName="iaahci.inf","iastor.inf" [UserData] ProductKey="************************" FullName="************" OrgName="" ComputerName=LAPTOP [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1,7,11 [Components] msmsgs=off msnexplr=off freecell=off hearts=off minesweeper=off pinball=off solitaire=off spider=off [Identification] JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes [URL] Home_Page=about:blank [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\install.cmd
  9. ok, been doing this unattened thing for lil while now, have multiple cds for desktop, which is a std. retail xp pro. but now i got a new laptop, i got the os cd from HP, is a xp cd as far as i can tell, but on install-just after t-34 it asks my name and org., then network settings (typical, no workgroup) then the time zone, then it completes as normal, NO product key, and no activation. so my question is how do i write the winnt.sif without a key>? just deleteing that line did not work, and entering MY key gives a "invalid key" error so now whAT? thanks.
  10. any reason ppl dont use the 'DISCOVER' program on win2k cd to build installs?
  11. step 2 says get evrything the way you like it and export it, does the export include taskbar height? how would i set or export that?