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  1. Wow, very nice! P.S.: on your blog you've got more screenshots, of which one with a chat window. May I ask what program+skin that is? (I guess Trillian + a certain skin?) Thx. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks It's miranda with the IEView plugin
  2. My crappy attempt at a Samui mod >.<
  3. My Fave yet.
  4. The VS is PM2K5, you can find the whole sweet Here
  5. Hehe, i wish i could afford one tbh But it's Windows
  6. Oops, imageshack's fault, not mine Should be fixed now
  7. Can anyone say Longhorn? Bit of a change from my mac themes
  8. Old wallpaper, but it still owns
  9. I like a combination of both
  10. Welcome to MSFN, jeeva I'm quite new here too
  11. Cheers Any other mac? It's windows dude But cheers for the comments
  12. New one (y) PM2K5 Miranda for the IM