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  1. Okay here we go... Boot your pc with your xp-cd und start the recovery console. Now type: fixboot c: next type: COPY x:\I386\NTLDR C:\ COPY x:\I386\NTDETECT.COM C:\x: is your dvd/ cd-rom drive with the xp-cd. At last type: bootcfg /rebuildNow it searches your installationfolder as in your case it should find e:\ and restores the boot.ini. For more informations look at KB 291980. Thats it i think... have fun...
  2. Hello, try in the [unattended] section UnattendSwitch=Yes or Win9xUpgrade=No but it is by default "No" so i think it's the missing UnattendSwitch entry. cu
  3. Hello, thats easy. Press the right mouse button on the marked programlink or exe file and choose properties. There you go... regards Sorry my english is the worse...
  4. Hello K E N, the first thing which comes to my mind: WINNT.SIF [Unattended] DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore hope that will help you. regards
  5. Moin Moin, i hope i'm not too late. Look at this... public class PetePanel extends JPanel implements Runnable { MediaTracker tracker; Image[] petePics = new Image[6]; Image back; public PetePanel() { setBackground(Color.black); String[] peteScr = {"right1.gif", "right2.gif", "right3.gif", "stop.gif" , "blink.gif", "wave.gif"}; Toolkit kit = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(); tracker = new MediaTracker(this); for (int i = 0; i < petePics.length; i++) { petePics[i] = kit.getImage(peteScr[i]); tracker.addImage(petePics[i], i+1); } back = kit.getImage("backdrop.gif"); tracker.addImage(back, 0); } public void paintComponent(Graphics comp) { Graphics2D comp2D = (Graphics2D) comp; if(back != null) comp2D.drawImage(back, 0, 0, this); comp2D.setColor(Color.black); comp2D.fillRect(0, 30, 450, 30); if(petePics[current] != null) comp2D.drawImage(petePics[current], x, y, this); } . . . } in the main or run function call at first try { tracker.waitForAll(); } catch (InterruptedException ign) {} Thats it. cu
  6. [quote name='Brianstein' date='Feb 20 2005, 09:35 PM']To install Internet Explorer 6 SP1: Get the Internet Explorer Administration Kit at: [url="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ieak/downloads/ieak6/ieak6sp1.mspx"]http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ieak/down...6/ieak6sp1.mspx[/url] [right][post="276255"][/post][/right][/quote] Hi @ all, i don't think so, just download SP1 and: [url="http://www.msfn.org/articles.php?action=show&id=23"]http://www.msfn.org/articles.php?action=show&id=23[/url] after that you can always start with: ie6wzd.exe /Q:A /R:N regards Tim
  7. Just wait a second, have you tried all the switche at: http://www.wise.com/KBArticle.aspx?articleno=564 I know the prob's. If this will not work, then it is something like 'fake'. Means the Installer still stand forward, but in the Backround may be there is .msi. You have to find it out. I'm using W2K, so i'll find the 'temp-installationfolders' at: Progamme\gemeinsame dateien\... or Doku und Einstellungen\"Your Username"\Lokale Einstellungen\temp or WiNNT\Installer or Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\ to find it out, start the installation, but dont end it and looking for new files at your system. The rest can be made in a sandbox for sure. Regards Tim
  8. Hi @ all, if you are able to use the search, so you will find the installation notes: I'm using JDK switches: /S /v"/qn ADDLOCAL=ALL IEXPLORER=1 INSTALLDIR=C:\Programme\java JAVAUPDATE=1 WEBSTATICON=0" REBOOT=SUPRESS is only needed for uninstall java. for more informations looking for 'silent install' at: http://java.sun.com/ regards Tim