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  1. Hi all, every since I installed "service pack 2" I have been getting "reference memory could not be read" errors in some games & programs. Does anyone have this problem too & if so how can I fix it. Amd 1700+ athlon xp, geforce 5200 w\128 ddr 2 ram, 768 ddr ram, soundblaster live 5.1, elitegroup pro motherboard, and of course Xp home w\sp2
  2. Hi all, My name is Shawn(bug). I am a new member to this site. It looks like I going to enjoy posting and helping others with their Questions or whatevers on their mind. I would say that I am fairly knowledgeble of computers, I learned what I know through good ole trail & error.( went through a sh*t load of reformats) I sure I still have lots more to learn. Excuse me for any misspellings or type-o's.