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  1. After about 2 months of doing this to every single spam message, my inbox is clean everyday, obviously new ones appear from new companies once or twice a week. However, without any hassle, I do not even have to use the Hotmail's Junk Filter anymore because I rarely get spam.This is definately the best method.
  2. No, just shutdown.exe -r, and set it to run at 6:00 on Mondays.
  3. There was a video, I think that was posted on this site that showed someone using Liquid Nitrogen to cool their computer, and resulted in them overclocking their computer successfuly to about 5.x GHz.
  4. Does anyone know how to make the desktop look like this: Apparently it is made up with javascripts, but I searched Google and Yahoo but could not find out how. P.S.: I am only wanting to know how he got the icons and stuff in a menu form, not the theme or whatever.