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  1. Hi ! We have a network with a Windows 2003 Server with RIS. There are several RIS- and RiPrep-Installations on it (XP Pro SP2, XP Pro SP2 RiPrep, 2003 Server, another XP SP2 RiPrep). I have installed a client with one XP Pro RiPrep, changed the configuration of it and installed several programs, then I have done a RiPrep of this Client and installed this (again over PXE) on another Client. The next day I wanted to install a third client with this new RiPrep, but it disappeared from the list where you can choose the OS after booting over PXE. The other older OS are there, but not the new one. And nobody has changed aanything over night with the RIS. What can it be and where is the list with the OS on the Ris-Server ?