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  1. it does not seem to work with vista home basic. does it?
  2. Yes permission was the problem . i had to change the permission to individual files for it to work. Thank you all for the help.
  3. permissions are alright. Only recent .jpg files are the problem; older .jpg files can be manipulated without problem.
  4. from within my poweruser account, when i try to open some jpg files in from my wallpaper folder in winxp into paint.net (or any other application) i get this error: "access was denied to the requested file (unauthorized access)" can anyone tell me why is this and to solve it ? thanks
  5. thanks you all for the help. i will try what you suggested .
  6. i installed winxp + all needed programs using my unattended CD with only one administrator account created. I then created an additional account from within windows as a limited user account. i found that some programs do not run as expected under the limited user account.example : i use Orbit downloader as my download manager and works fine in administrator account but refuses to download under limited user account even though it is running. my question is : why is this happening ? and how can solve this for all programs now or my future unattended CDs ? Thankx
  7. @prathapml thanks you but i managed to solve it. the problem was that i tried to share the custom.msp created in my VM somewhere else but it gave it that error. it seem that custom.msp has to be used only where created.
  8. can i get help please? i created a custom msp file and placed it with the setup file then when i run this : start /wait setup.exe /adminfile custom.msp through a patch file i get a window asking me to wait while preparing the installation files and then setup just terminates !? i face no problems at all when i only run the setup.exe directly. Can anyone please explain to me what went wrong? i'm trying this on a vm with winxp sp3 installed.
  9. i was just thinking of saving time by not downloading what i have already downloaded !
  10. double clicking won't do ! they are .mum and .cat files c:\windows\softwareDistribution\download.
  11. if have a backup of all my windows updates, how can i install them manually after formating my pc ?
  12. this my question: Do i need to have version of MS framework .net installed? some applications still ask for version 1.1 even though version 2.0 is installed !
  13. Is it posiible to configure mediaportal to use vista codec pack ? i ran an mov file in mediaportal but found that it looked as if i was pressing an x2 speed .!
  14. IE7 doesn't remember toolbars arrangement !! Does anyany know how to make IE7 remember the position of my toolbars ? Thankx.
  15. i found the problem to be with nxmyreal.dll and nxmyac3.dll files in the plugins folder in commom folder under program files. Once deleted everything is fine!