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  1. I have but it did not do anything. It just shut the screen and did not give me any other option to continue. Maybe that's the way it is? I am a newbie but not that bad
  2. Sorry for keep posting but I need help
  3. I hope I get this answered soon since that screen (the attached picture) is still waiting for me to do something
  4. I don't know what to do it after this screen. How do I choose Guirunonce or the other one? After choosing I am done, correct? Also while decompressing, ipgnd51.sys could not be found but other than that it looked like everything went fine. I am a newbie so please help Thanks!
  5. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    BTS, I will definetly do it but this will not be for a while (a week or so) since I need my brother back up his stuff on his computer. He is the one who has the Asus Mobo. I am sure I will ask how to do it when I am ready Compare to what you do, mine is nothing
  6. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    Asus A8V Deluxe
  7. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    Use search, thats a solved problem. ← I know it has with this last update but still I am worried since something may go wrong
  8. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    I had no error messages during slipstream. I deleted "DOCS, SUPPORT, VALUEADD, LANG, cmpnents, WIN9XMIG, WIN9XUPG and WINNTUPG. My CD after slipstream is 699MB. Does everybody have the same size if deleted these folders and used Method 1? Is it possible to have problems during Windows installation? I am more worried about the VIA8237 since that is the biggest hassle to install since my brother's computer does not have a floppy so I have to hook up mine to his. P.S. For some reason I could not find these files, instmsia.exe and instmsiw.exe, as it was mentioned here, http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/space_saving_tips.htm Thanks guys!
  9. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    Strange but maybe normal? When I had a problem, the slipstream would not fit on a CD although I deleted the "DOCS", etc. Then I slipstreamed without a problem and after deleting "DOCS", etc. I could fit on a CD. Is it normal? Method 1 SP2
  10. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    I knew I was doing something wrong How does it look now? Looks fine but one thing confuses me; it says MassStorage is not slipstreamed then below it says it is. Still good? Ooo one more thing, I am going to burn this to a DVD? My XP folder is 944MB after the slipstream. Can I delete some folders/files like support, etc?
  11. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    here are the details
  12. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    Hi BTS, Now I am thinking I am doing something wrong
  13. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

  14. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    I am going to write everything step by step. First I downloaded the new base 5041. Then I put the driver packs (5040) in the "driverpack" folder. Then I run BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5041 chose method 1 and put the contents (M1 and Run_Me.cmd) of UWXPCD_Root to my C:/XP which I copied all from my SP2 slipstreamed XP CD. Then the errors which I posted the screenshots in this topic. I have no idea why I am having this problem. I am using XP SP2 English.
  15. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    How can I remake it? You mean unzip it again? I did it, no luck. It did not mess anything in mine, at least I did not see anything strange