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  1. Hey, What web editor do you like? MS Frontpage sux Dreamweaver is too expensive Thats all I know. I learned with writing HTML code in Highschool, then we learned Frontpage, now I want get back to making pages, but I dont want to go back to coding HTML.
  2. Hey, I stumbled upon this place recently and thought that I would join. Good to find a excellent resource for all my MS needs, cause we all know how reliable MS is I'm just curious, is there anyone else from Guelph Ontario here?
  3. Hello, I just found out about this place, its pretty sweet. Anyhoo, I got a friend who got a InexQ router. Its a Piece Oh Junk (google it, one of the top finds call it crap). I suggest that he gets a HUB and have all the computers just run a firewall. So finally the question at hand, how good is the Firewall in XP? Should my friend just use zonealarm instead, or is it worth-while to get a router do do that stuff. Back at my parents home we got an old machine soley dedicated to being a firewall (and also being a toy to goof around with), we just put linux on it then use a hub to split the connection to the net. I think this is a little advance for my friend.