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  1. i installed this new driver, and i now can use opengl with my video card!
  2. thnx man! i hope it lets me use opengl!
  3. cjhenry: use x-setup, from http://www.xteq.com/ there is an option in that program to change the speed. hope this helps
  4. edonkey has been really bad lately No servers, and if there is, it takes 10 minutes at least to connect to one. Im not using it atm, im just using irc mainly i wonder why its gone crappy lately?
  5. ok good to hear u got it sorted. Now you can enjoy the wonderful XP!!
  6. Hello What speed is ur computer? Maybe ur computer isn't up to the required standard of win xp??? Are you using the wecome screen? Where exactly does it freeze? Need more info!