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  1. Thanks alot for all your help anyway XPerties, you have given me some new ideas to try out anyway!:rofl
  2. My motherboard is an Abit 6BXE (440BX), at boot up it says it is V3.1 CI ??!! If that helps you out at all, I'll be very grateful.
  3. I had already visited Logitech's site and the MS HCL listings before I posted. They both say that the keyboard should be compatible natively, it's just the iTouch software that is uncompatible with XP. Do you think it could be motherboard related? I have not yet upgraded the BIOS, and am a bit wary to do anything like that! Cheers! :beer (EZ Geezer)
  4. :eek: I upgraded my win 98 system to XP successfully, except that my keyboard ceased to function. Since then I have tried doing a clean install in the hope that it was something to do with Win98, but the keyboard freezes after the first boot off the CD! I am running a PIII 550Mhz, on an Abit 6BXE M/board 256MB SDRAM with XP build version 2600 Professional. My keyboard is a Logitech Corded Internet (PS/2), Model Number Y-SE8. I would appreciate any help, as I have been looking everywhere for some advice!:wail: