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  1. you might have already been here,or someone might have already posted,but i didnt see it,so here is a link to check out.. h*tp://www.maxi-web.net/home/index.php?edito=Home
  2. i use linksys,basic setups are fairly simple,if you are going to set up any type of server or ftp server,thats a little bit tougher,btu if i can do it,i'm sure you can too(just my opinion on routers)
  3. when i go to update it scans then tells me there are no updates to get? is this true or are they just not letting me get any updates?
  4. now i feel stupid,that was a no brainer to take care of,thnx bud..
  5. Can One of you Computer wizards please tell me how to get rid of the search crap in xp? I installed xp power toys(not really knowing all what i was installing) now whenever i go to open up a folder i get this stupid search window,hope someone knows what i am talking about?:confused
  6. wouldn't ya know it HP has not yet released any drivers for xp on there support page yet for my p1000 printer any one that might have or knows where i can find these? drop me an e-mail plz if ya do..