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  1. Ok, finally I've got it to work. it seems that I had to mention the driver twice in the dosnet.inf once for the textmode loading the driver (or to copy the driver to the textmode area) and second the copy the driver between the textmode installtion and the gui startup. I only had to do that because I started winnt32 with /sysprep /tempdrive (I had to do that in order to use my network boot (PXE tftp) bartpe) thanks alot for everyone Ohad
  2. no besides the the file is missing.... Do you know where I can get more information about what is each file rule in the setup process? thanks
  3. Hi, This solves the problem in the first text mode stage (loading drivers) but when setups move to copying drivers it fails again. looks like it require a 3rd place? thanks, ohad
  4. ahahhaa.. any special syntex? thanks, Ohad
  5. Hi, I'm trying to add to my networked installtion share the drivers that I need for unattneded setup. I have quite a lot of diffrent HW, which makes it impossible to adapt every answer file with the relevant hw. is there a way to implement the drivers into w2k3 directory? i tried to add the drivers to txtsetup.sif according to the data from greenmachines but it didnt copy the drivername.sys file, and prompt in the text mode that its missing. I'm using bartpe based installtion, so I have to use winnt32 /syspart /tempdrive... my txtsetup.sif entries (that i've added are:) [sourceDisksFiles] megaide.sys = 1,,,,,,3_,4,1 [HardwareIdsDatabase] PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_25b0&SUBSYS_10341734 = "MEGAIDE" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_25b0&SUBSYS_10401734 = "MEGAIDE" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_25b0&SUBSYS_10731734 = "MEGAIDE" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2652&CC_0104 = "MEGAIDE" [sCSI.load] megaide = megaide.sys,4 [sCSI] megaide = "LSI Logic Embedded SATA RAID any idea? thanks ohad