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  1. Thx gamehead2000, but I don't have a Linksys router. I have a D-Link DI-604 router. But I'll check my router for the UPnP.
  2. Thanks my site has been an on going project for me. Between work and everything else I always push it off. I just formatted so I have to find that wallpaper again. I'll up it to my site and post the link for it when I do find it .
  3. Yeah this is a pretty great forum. It's well organized and the members seem very friendly. Most tech type forums are full of members that can only flame a member that doesn't know something. Yeah this is a nice community.
  4. I just did a clean install like I normally do. During the process of doing my windows updates, services.msc tweaking, anitvirus updating I went to My Network Connections to Show icon when connected to the network and I noticed that in the Network Connections window it said I have an Internet Gateway. My computer is hooked up to a router > dsl. I've never seen this show up before. I didn't do the xp home networking wizard to make my computer a gateway. And how can my computer be a gateway when it's hooked up to my router then the router to the dsl modem??? I'd appreciate some help on this. I can't disable the Internet Gateway or do anything with it.
  5. Thanks. It's the start of my venture into photoshop.
  6. Here's my lil personal website. Tell me what you guys think. I'm starting to add content. Any pos/neg comments are welcomed I'm a big boy.
  7. Kinda new here so thought I'd show my new sig.
  8. Drewdatrip: Thanks for the suggestion. I did a virus scan with norton and nothing came up; but I'll try the on-line one. Also isn't there a trojan remover called "Trojan Remover"? Can anyone suggest a good trojan remover? And the theme is Classic. Here's the link for it, it's a great theme.
  9. Yeah I didn't give it access. Has anyone here ever seen that name? It's probably a trojan cuz it show's the ip that was trying to get access. I did a windows search for that name but nothing came up. I'm gonna do a virus scan on my computer right now so that's gonna take a while.
  10. This ip and funking looking name poped up on ZoneAlarm; could it be a trojan horse? I took screen shots of the info ZoneAlarm gave. Gracias. http://loboverde.ws/images/desktop/01.PNG http://loboverde.ws/images/desktop/02.PNG http://loboverde.ws/images/desktop/03.PNG http://loboverde.ws/images/desktop/04.PNG http://loboverde.ws/images/desktop/05.PNG
  11. New look is Great AaronXP
  12. Do you have to have 2 batch files or can I just have one batch with everything in it?
  13. Maybe just put an option for visitors to change the colors. I know some of the links with in the pages are difficult to see, I missed several of them. Make the links with in the pages easier to see, the navagation menu is easy to see though. Over all muy bien!
  14. Lo Ciento, I didn't notice that page on the site. Gracias
  15. I think I'm a lil confused on where exactly the batch files go. I understand that you can have seperate batch files for each thing or just 1 or 2 covering all things. But where do they go? Gracias