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  1. I am from greece and i have one big problem. I had an Ipod ( now i don't cause it had been broken ) and in order to see a divx movie with subtitles i have to convert the xvid to mp4 and then to add the subtitles.. I saw that Zen Vision M can play divx but don't know if can read external subtitles.. Can someone help me?
  2. pls help me!! i search the whole internet but i couldn't find any solution.. see also this.
  3. i installed the winpcap with the WarBanlist. One day i unistalled the banlist and the winpcap and then i reinstalled them. but only the banlist was installed! i can't install winpcap. it says that is already installed on my computer! but i unistalled it from tune up utilities. i also searched my computer and the registry and i deleted it all!! why that happens? without the winpcap i can't make banlist work properly..
  4. Lol, yes this is my question.
  5. I am noob.. can someone help me?
  6. I want to know how is possible for the admins to find out who is who by the time the IP always every next reconnect is changing..
  7. wow! but i am noob as concerning these things... how i create a cmd file and with what programm do i create it? with notepad?
  8. i know that. the reason i am asking the programm is that this way is very boring and slow, cause except images loading and other thing so it takes much time! i have isdn.. Don't you know any good programm?
  9. nobody? ( crying!! )
  10. what about Kaspersky? is it good and with little usage of cpu?
  11. I want to tell me a programm to download wallpapers when i give it a url with thumbnails.. for example here there are 12 thumbnails. I want the programm when i give this url to automatically download the 12 wallpapers ( not the thumbnails! ) i tried there programms but nothing happened.. picaloader web picture snatch Xp Ace picture Web Pictures Downloader Flashgot ( extension from firefox ) Downloadthem All! ( extension from firefox ) pls help me...
  12. thank you all!
  13. go to and vote for us to put on fifa the greek league!! pls!
  14. ok, there are many programms like that. i want a programm to do that i ask..
  15. which means?