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  1. Hi, After the file copying to c:\ in the installation i get this message "Stop: c000021a" (se the picture) F_reg_ende_session.ini
  2. It's works now. Thanks for all answers =)
  3. I have this in a simulatet windows (virtuall pc). I haftto install something to update my computer..
  4. Hi, i have'd download frome nLites homepage. But, whata heck does it do? I though it installed the installation for windows update 3.1 something not?
  5. ..
  6. I see it now.. I installed 5 online scanners now.. Looking for more s***, nothing. Thank god for that. Witch firewall i have dosen't mader right now. Becures i hade no coonetion to the internet when i installed the operativsystem .. I simuleted a same verision with Microsoft Virtuell Pc. The file is there to (i never hade any problem with this before..)
  7. Thats a virus/Trojan/ad/spyware/backdoor or all of the above. Anytime you find that you have a god-forbidden wacked out file name such as the one can be pretty sure its something nasty. I recommend 2 things: 1) Get a better Anti-virus/firewall/antispy solution. Don't know how new or old your PC is, but ZoneAlarm Security Suite works well on older PC's. For faster/current PC's, try Mcafee or Maybe even Windows Live OneCare 2) Even if you manage to remove all/most of the viruses/adware off your PC, I highly recommend a reformat/re-install of Windows just to be sure its truly gone. Yeah, its a pain cuz you have to re-configure your settings and re-install various programs....but would rather do that than be plagued by viruses and other malware. Just my 2 cents. -Mark Do you call ZoneAlarm a god firewall? *lol* .. When i install the Xp i did't have any internet-connection .. When i restared the computer the file started with windows ..... I have scanned the file with 4 "program" (online scaning) none.. I have seartch on google for the file, none
  8. Make a 7zip archive of that file and upload it somewhere. I'll check it myself if I can. (ohh, what is this soft, VMWare, ) I only use WinRAR.. Here is a zip off it:
  9. I have a antivirus. It's a automatic system thats warn me for virus/trojan/worms... It's clean. Here is my INI file. F_reg_ende_session.ini F_reg_ende_session.ini
  10. I will post the ini-file when i get home. When i start the computer this files loads in: ytykm.exe ....
  11. If i got to much up (explorer, outlook, msn) then my computer freezes. I can move the mous thats it. Ctrl + alt + del works, but i can't close any program .. Can it be nLite bug?
  12. How can i do that when there is no i386 folder?
  13. Hi! I'm trying to mod my Windows Server 2003 with nLite. But i can't select the installation folder, i get this message: Does i have a strange Server 2003?