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  1. Hey Brian. I ran across your post looking for the same thing. I signed up for this forum just to comment on the responses you've received. Don't you hate it when you explicitly state the restraints you desire the solution to be within (e.g. XP's built in zip support) and people respond with stuff like "how about pkzip"? prathapml seem to be the only one who understood the question. Since there are so many dim people out there, you might have to state that you are wishing to write a script that you wish to deploy without having to depend on the destination machines already having 3rd party compression software loaded or having to load a 3rd party software yourself. Of course, even with that you may still get responses like "try using winzip" I'm still looking, so if I run across the answer I'll post back. Derek P.S. have you tried looking at pkzip?