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  1. Thanks for the magic word "ghosting". That led me to this: And that said it could be due to electrical interference with the cable, e.g. some other device's cable too close to it. So I moved the cable and the ghost was exorcised. Now that I think about it, I had a keyboard spill and swapped the keyboard and moved the cables in the process, though I never unplugged the video. Thanks. Now I'll need another excuse before I upgrade my monitor and video.
  2. I've got a LG LCD monitor connected to a Windows XP PC. Worked fine for the last year or so. Recently I noticed the video was smeared -- see attached. Every image smears to the right. This lasted for about a week, then one day it was back to being sharp. Today it's smeared again. Pretty sure this is not a software/ driver issue, since as I said, worked fine before and again, with no setup changes. So there is some hardware issue. Either: 1) The onboard Intel video -- DH61WW 2) The cable (VGA) 3) The monitor LG W2043T When I set this up my monitor was just VGA, so I economised and got a PC with only VGA. Then that monitor died and the current LG monitor also has digital input, so now I could get a video card with digital output if the PC side is the problem. But if the problem is the monitor, that would just be wasted. I know the way to work it out is to swap these out, but I don't have a spare PC or monitor. Eventually I can get a laptop with VGA and give that a try, but in the meantime, is there a smoking gun here pointing to a specific issue?
  3. Thanks, the "mousefix" app seems to have actually fixed this.
  4. Recently when I click on the mouse-wheel, using it as the middle button, it registers several clicks. I often use it to open browser links in new tabs, and it gets annoying when I have four duplicate tabs every time I do that. I opened it up but can't see any obvious problems . The left and right buttons act normally, and the (XP) mouse control panel doesn't seem to have any relevant settings -- only "Double click speed", and I don't know if that applies to the middle button. It's a Dell optical USB mouse, running on Win XP. Any fixes, mechanical or software, worth trying, short of binning it?
  5. Thanks, seems pretty clear. Hope I can explain this to him, as it turns out he's actually out of town.
  6. Someone is trying to send me some Word files. The files have names like "file.docx", but in fact are PDFs. I asked him to change the format, but all he does is change the filename. I can go to his office and try to work it out, but he's using Word on Mac, not sure of version, and I have no experience with that. Why is it doing this? Will the file save format be somewhere obvious? And how on Mac can you tell the real file format? On PC I just look inside the file with the viewer in Far and see the PDF header. I know I can convert the PDF back to text, more or less, but it's not an exact process, paragraphing etc. is not preserved, and we're going to be transferring dozens of files and I need it to be error free.
  7. Thanks, that's what I needed. Obviously didn't use the right terms when I searched. I just got a bunch of useless Apple FAQs. If by "whole thing" you mean the program and iTunes library, those are configurable in the program. The program folder is "only" 200 MB anyway. It's the backup that's the problem and 40x bigger. I used symbolic links back in my youth on Unix. Never tried them on Windows. I may find other uses for them. --PS, I'm on XP, so don't have "mklink", so I got Sysinternals Junction. But the "Shelbee" program supposedly does iOS backups directly, so if that really works I can get rid of iTunes completely.
  8. I had to install iTunes on my XP PC so my daughter could backup her iPhone. When it did it created a folder of 8GB -- C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup I have an SSD for my boot drive, 64 GB and space is tight. I had 12 GB free, now I have 4. I wanted to locate this on my storage drive, 1TB hard disk, where I keep my media and backups and whatever. There are few enough options in iTunes and none I see about this. I used Regedit to seach for the folder name and it isn't even mentioned. Anyone have any ideas? (aside from "Buy a bigger drive").
  9. Well, I worked that out for myself. Otherwise, found a version of Sigil compiled for XP Unofficial Sigil v0.8.x Windows Builds Would be nice if there was a more general fix short of Windows 7/8/10.
  10. It seems that programs using QT5 have many problems with XP. In particular, since both of the main ebook editing apps, Calbre and Sigil, went from QT4 to QT5, they both responded to reports of problems by simply making the installer for new versions refuse to install in XP at all. QT background: As these upgrade their version of QT, XP users will be left behind, either havng flaky programs or ones that won't run or install at all. So, is there a fix/patch/hack to provide the hooks that QT5 needs?
  11. Yeah, obviously. If I turn on the monitor for 10 seconds before I boot the PC it seems to be okay. So I guess the monitor isn't supplying a correct EDID for the first few seconds it's on. Didn't have this issue before, with a slower computer. Also I used to just leave the monitor always powered on, but my wife has a thing about that, no matter I tell her it uses less than 1W in sleep mode. The so far unanswered question is, why the hell when all the "Generic" settings say "1600x900" the monitor is getting 1440x900. Anyway, I'd never heard of EDID until this came up. But to solve it permanently I'll have to work though the MS page you linked, which should make it read it from the registry regardless.
  12. Well, not 100% solved after all. I found that if I boot up the PC and turn on the monitor later, or even at the same time. then Windows reinstalls the "Generic" monitor and chooses that, giving me the blurry screen. This happens if there is a temporary power failure, for instance. Usually the correct W2043 is also installed. It refuses to allow the driver to be updated, insisting that the "generic" is the best driver. But if I then uninstall the generic and turn off (not reboot, turn off completely and restart), then both the monitors in Device Manager are W2043 and resolution is correct. A few times W2043 wasn't in the Device Manager (there were 2 "generic") and I have to reinstall it. I don't suppose there is a way to tell Windows to just leave the **** driver the way I set it.
  13. My problem was not Cleartype, it was turned off. I turned it on and off to test, didn't help. When the resolution was incorrect the line grid (from LCDtest, mentioned above) was indeed blurry. I did that, I found the manufacturer's inf file and installed that in place of "plug and play". So far, it's working, has survived a couple of reboots. I will declare this probem solved; if it comes back despite that I'll advise here.
  14. I have it in my XP., but deactivated (I don't like the result). I did try it earlier, made no diference either way.
  15. What /where is "Clearview"? Googling gives me a "clean burning wood and coal multi-fuel stoves" or "Clearview Towing Mirrors"?