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  1. autorun.inf sintax?

    Hi, If you want to install from the DOS, it is recommanded to run SMARTDrive before. If not, your install is going to take a long time SMARTDrive 5.0
  2. cmdlines.txt on floppy

    Hi, Like I said earlier, I use Windows XP Pro Standard CD (I mean normal ones, without Unattend install on it), with Winnt.sif on a floppy. When I boot on the CD, the Installation Program detect automaticly the file on the floppy, and take all parameters from it. It is some kind of Unattend Install... The good thing of this, it's that it is very easy to change some parameters, like: Owner or Organization Name, CD key, IP address and so on.
  3. cmdlines.txt on floppy

    Hello, For me, Winnt.sif works fine on a floppy. For the boot sequence, do like follow: 1st boot device:CD-ROM 2nd boot device:floppy 3rd boot device:HDD The problem i got, it's to run the batch file on the floppy, I tried a $OEM$ folder in the i386 folder of the CD, plus the Cmdlines.txt with "batch_a.bat in commands. This doesn't work. Should i try "A:\\$OEM$ ? Anyway, thanks again...
  4. cmdlines.txt on floppy

    Helleo, Thanks everybody for your help. I am going to do like you said, call a batch file on the floppy from Cmdlines.txt in $OEM$ folder on the CD. Thanks again
  5. cmdlines.txt on floppy

    Hello, Many thanks for your answers. I tried to put Cmdlines.txt + some batch files in a $OEM$ folder on the floppy, but it does not work. Can you help me for the path to the floppy drive ? Is it possible ? I tried on [unattend] OemFilesPath="A:\$OEM$" I tried also InstallFilesPath=A:\ It did not work... Thanks again for your help
  6. cmdlines.txt on floppy

    Thanks for yours answers, Like I said, I use standard XP Pro CD, and Winnt.sif on floppy. If in my Winnt.sif file, I put : [Unattended] OemFilesPath="A:\$OEM$", is this going to work ? (For this, I don't want to change any file in the CD)
  7. Hi I use standard XP Pro CD with Winnt.sif on a Floppy. Is there any way to put cmdlines.txt on the drive A: ? What I want to do, it's to put also a Tweak reg on the floppy, and run it from the cmdlines.txt. Is-it possible to indicate the path in Winnt.sif ? Thanks a lot for your help.
  8. Wicked187 Thanks for your quick answer, But I don't understand exactly. If the portable has no system, just a formatted Hard drive (in FAT32), and he just have a network Boot DOS floopy disk, once the portable is connected, what is the command for the install ? Something like : \\PC_002\i3886\winnt /u:A:\winnt.sif ? I am not sure ?!? In this case, can you give me some examples ? Thanks again for your help
  9. Hi, I would like to make an installation of Windows XP from a network. Can you help me ? I have a friend which has a Portable without CD-Rom drive, but has a network connection, how can he install Windows XP from a share folder on an other PC ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Update script

    I forgot, where can i find QCHAIN.EXE ? Also, if I want to run yhis from the Hard drive, or from a CD, does it change something about the directories ? + what about the WAIT parameter ? Thanks again
  11. How to do a 2 cd install

    Now I am using also Virtual PC 5.2, and i change my mind, I think it's great too. One more time "Un grand BRAVO" for your Forum.
  12. Update script

    Thanks for yours answers, I have allready SP1. Many thanks again, i am going to try. Bye
  13. Hello, I would like to update Windows XP using some kind of your script ? but right now I don’t want to slipstreaming CD installation, I just want to update an installation in once, instead of using each exe. Please, can you help me and explain how I can automate this global updating, by using some script. Thanks in advance Excuse-me for my english
  14. Internet Access by User Group

    Thanks for yours answers, I keep en looking for a solution, for the short cut, it is not possible, as it is on the connection itself i want to give permission. Anyway, thanks again and have a good day. I like verymuch your forum. Bye
  15. Internet Access by User Group

    Hello, Under Windows XP Pro + SP1, I have the following User Accounts : User : Groups -------------------------------------------------------------- Administrator : Administrators User 1 : Users with power User 2 : Users with power User 3 : Users User 4 : Users I have an Internet Connection created by User 1 and only allowed for himself. I would like that User 2 could connect with this connection, But I don't want that Users 3 and 4 could use it ; without using the command Runas because in this case this person would have access to the same Favorites than User 1. How it eventually with the group's strategic, to allow this connection only the the Group of Users with power ? Unless there is some others possibility ? Thanks for your help Dansar