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  1. But you need to install software on your computer for those generators. Mine is completely web bassed, no need to install anything!
  2. Hey I created an online photo-mosaic generator which makes images similar to Homer Simpson above. How can I make it like a new internet meme? And how can I improve it? Link:
  4. Hi, I am doing a quick one question survey to include in a school assignment. Can you please fill out the form below: Link: Thanks in advanced! Regards pre
  5. Not bad, thanks for sharing prathapml
  6. Nice one phkninja!
  7. Cool thanks for sharing, I was starting to get worried about the sware filter we have here!
  8. Very old, but nice!
  9. I hope my email address isn't on that
  10. Thanks for your help B)
  11. Hi, I just created a new site and I am wishing to have your feedback as many people here at love MSN Messenger names etc... I am in a rush to I want be able to reply to this thread till tomorrow, but please tell me what you think and feel free to share the link with your friends. Linkage: Enjoy - pre Moderator edit: no need to use that big font!
  12. Thanks, any ways I can improve?
  13. Don't be shy....
  14. Get cool signature... In less than 1 minute setup! Many people have started sending me emails asking howto get a similar signature like mine... B) Well I have created a website which generates these cool signatures!!! Check them out... Example of Signature Poll (click here to create) Link to create forum code for a poll in your signature: Hope you like... and please reply!