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  1. Don't know if they are similar, but Torchsoft's Registry Workshop and Nirsoft's RegScanner have extended search functionalities, maybe among them there is the one you're looking for.
  2. A child node is preventing deletition. You need to tick "Replace child permissions to this object..." Even then, some things are held by the system (open handles). Never touch SAM or SECURITY hives, the system will not boot. Also, I suggest you don't change permissions of "root" (top level) keys (the hives). As always, all this is extremely dangerous and could brick your OS at any time, for no apparent reason. Edit: While we're at it, a shameless plug of some of my ramblings...
  3. CpuZ samples once per second or less and isn't the best for monitoring CPU frequency in real time. The best is, in my opinion, ThrottleStop with "more data" ticked. Similarly, RealTemp (same author) can, but it hasn't been updated for a while, not that it matters in this case.
  4. CrystalCPUID or Throttlestop. I think RMClock will also work.
  5. Ahh, ATI and underscan...
  6. I see it too. Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.18 GL
  7. Here on Fernando's forum.
  8. Just another rant (things I've noticed and that bug me): - Yes, this is shift+enter. IPS wants to invent new use of the ENTER key, forbidding me to use it as I see fit. That's dictatorship. I know it was discussed before. - If the editor (which I'm writing into now) loses focus (left click somewhere else), I can't easily get the cursor again. If there is nothing written, it's impossible (except with right click, but then I need to press ESC to cancel the browser's context menu); If there is something written, two clicks are needed. - "Load more content" when there is no more content. Apart from being illogical, that's also very "NuMicrosoft" - nothing is certain, we can change whatever whenever we want, you're not in control of anything and don't deserve to know the full picture. Also, it saves them work (they don't always need to process everything, many people will give up). But... - Sometimes it blocks (server hiccup?) and keeps waiting forever. Inventing a problem where there wasn't one. Because... - It's dynamic. Any moment something might change. After the forum "upgrade" I've found I miss many more things with my mouse, because everything has jumped, and I rarely can see what was the reason for that. IMHO, nothing in the forum should be dynamic, we don't need real-time notifications, nothing is that important. Another shift+enter. Bye. GL
  9. On another note, can anyone please tell me which is the last version of Chrome that doesn't block npapi (java)? I need it for work. Exact version and subversion, please. I know that for a long time there were only warnings that could be overridden, but around version 45 the kill switch was supposed to be toggled. I have version 44 and Google (the site) is nagging me to update. I have disabled all updaters (scheduled tasks etc.), set group policy (I use business edition), but I want to find the last usable version and forget about it.
  10. It happenned to me too, I notified Xper through the support link, he said he's working on the issue and I haven't seen it since. Maybe it's a coincidence, it didn't happen to me always, only when there was a long period between my visits (24 hrs?). I wasn't logged off, just asked to accept EULA.
  11. Set timeout=0 And delete only the last line if you are sure you'll never need it. GL
  12. Post your boot.ini.
  13. @jaclaz and all Opera Presto users: Photobucket, tinypic and some similar photo sharing sites don't play well with Opera because they sniff the http request (probably useragent and what not) and change the requested image in midst of the request with html (their full page) either because they want to show you ads or maybe due to incompetence (embed into iframes or similar, and Opera is not too friendly to iframes originating from another domain). These are just my speculations as to why, but I am sure that they switch the content that is requested (the image) to something else. What I found to be the cure: change opera:config#Network|HTTPAccept to "*/*" (without the quotes) This is supposed to be NOOP, because by default the field is empty and that means that Opera accepts everything, but this change fixes most image hosting sites and doesn't break anything else. HTH GL
  14. Nothing out of the ordinary in the .ini, it might be the edition - Windows XP Professional (Media Center v4.0) SP4 - 5.1.2600.6748 - English (United States). Regardless of Nlite, check if the following directories exist: %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\YOURCURRENTUSERNAME\Start Menu\Programs and %SystemDrive%\Documents and settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs and if not, create the directory structure (that directory and any above it, if missing). (%SystemDrive% is usually C:) GL
  15. You need only the latest. I.e. if you have SP1, you don't need RTM.