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  1. I havent tried the ver 2.0 yet, but I tried RC3 not long ago. I remember that I have once written a comment and ask for the ability of "Set attributes of sub files and sub-folders" It takes place when we select and adjust the attributes of some folders and files, the sub files and folders (if exist) are also be changed. This function is available in WinME and above, but Win 98 isnt. I think it's very handy for users like me Then you said you would try to make it, I was hopeful... It was when you have ver 1.5. But now, even after a long time and now it has become 2.0, I noticed that ver RC3 (haven't tested but quite sure 2.0 Final still so) didn't have that function. Is it impossible to add it in? Maybe you just forgot to add it in (hope so - dont tell me it's impossible! ^_^), so I write this to remind you Waiting your response...