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  1. I can think of some users for whom the "unload dll's" from memory might not be so great. My grandmother, for instance, who only uses her computer for playing solitaire and checking email on AOL Since thats all she uses it for, it speeds it up a little for her if the DLLs are already there next time she launches AOHELL
  2. ah, FLASH devices...so it wouldn't do jack for an iPOD then, since thats a disc device?
  3. Hello Hello, I'm pretty much ignant about USB stuff.... If I were to exe this on an old PC that has USB 1.1 hardwired into the mobo, will that get it to work with all USB 2.0 devices? I just had a hassle with iPod mini 1.3 recently, trying to get it to work with Win 98 and USB 1.1 ....got it to work, but ended up getting a cheap USB 2.0 PCI card (and had to format the iPod on an XP system) ...would this Native USB ver.2.2 have somehow done the trick with the iPod mini, on a system that had 1.1 USB? Any reading material that would enlighten me further to what this does, how it does it, etc, would be appreciated. Or is that included in the downloadable exe file?