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  1. Is my hdd dying?

    Thx for the info then i know my hdd is dead soon, hdds for the moment are rather cheap gona get me perhabs a 1 gb drive next month hope the disk dont die until then.
  2. Is my hdd dying?

    Just my luck owell wounder how long my drive can keep up months days? for the moment i dont experinces boot problems or slowdowns or lost files just a warning from windows and the hdd tool that the realocted sector count is somthing prolematic
  3. I have a little problem with my wd hdd reporting smart data error on the "reallocted sector count" for a couple of days the current data tab was 62 and now it has gone down to 49 is this god or bad?
  4. Win 7 scanning the floppy drive

    I have been doing some research and its seams to be antivirs fault anyway i read in a forum that theres a bug with antivir scaning tool that is causing the random floppy seeks read here http://forum.avira.com/wbb/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=109307 furter down there they are taking up windows 7 error hope this will help others for the moment, wait to see if antvir fix this bug.
  5. Win 7 scanning the floppy drive

    I have tried your method reinstall the drivers and that dident work. I dont find floppy drivers from intel or amd. And i am using a Nforce4 motherboard with the latest drivers 15.XX somthing. WIn 7 is still scaning the floppy drive.
  6. Win 7 scanning the floppy drive

    Hello I have a anoying problem with my windows 7. Yesterday the os has been scanning the floppy drive when there is no floppy in there it does that in a cuple of minuts then it can go 10 minutes and so on. I have lookupd my antivirus software "antvir" and there is no timed setting for scanning the floppy so it cant be that. I have searched evry setting in windows 7 and i cant find were it could be wy windows 7 i scanning the floppy drive. Does any one having any clue why windows 7 is trying to scan the floppy drive?
  7. HFSLIP (original thread)

    Thanks so much Tommyp the cd works like charm now
  8. HFSLIP (original thread)

    Hello This is my first post on the hfslip thred i hope i post it right I have some problem using hfslip i am trying to slipstream new hotfixes to a swedish windows2000 disk. Hfslip slipstreams all the hotfixes and wmp9,dx9 and ie6 with no errors. I have followed hfslips guide. The cd boots fine but the problem is after install has copied all the files and repartion the drive and then restart the install tries to go in to the part detecting devices but it fails and restarts over and over again and dosent continue. What can be the problem hotfixes taking out each other? I attach a picture showing what i am trying to slipstream