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  1. The best way is to ask hardware manufacturers to fund the project, IMHO; Lenovo, for example, could be interested...
  2. Official website:
  3. Official website: Download: Changelog: Enjoy !
  4. Official website
  5. Just discovered it, hope that helps: Official homepage AT&T's Research Projects page
  6. OK, this is a related-news that could be interesting for both projects: Hope that helps, or at least inspires !
  7. Just found this interesting article: Dunno if it's possible to do the same for Kex'd 98, btw hope that inspires !
  8. I just discovered that IBM released (the source code of their Workplace Shell for Windows: Source code has been released under a proprietary "Workplace Shell For Windows" Public License - v 1.0 Togheter with BeOSWin (attached - public domain ? - sources), could be a good base for an alternative open source shell for Win 9x, IMHO. Hope that helps, or at least inspires !
  9. Dunno if anyone already knows it (search gives no matches), btw it seems very interesting: Official website's project page Hope that inspires !
  10. I tested W7/64 and honestly i don't like it, so do you think it's possible to "port" the better things from Win7/64 to XP64 to revive it ?
  11. From I, Hacker (on December 27, 2009): Direct links:
  12. Italian, please, and Tango XP (or Crystal Clear) would be great.
  13. I'm noticing problems in a/v synchronizations under XP 64. Can be an HPET problem ? Or, in other words, does XP 64 supports it ? Thanks in advice !