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  1. THXXXXXXXXXXXX It really works now!!!!!!!! THX for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ok, Here you go and THX for helping me config.js
  3. Hi everyone, I have a little problem. I have been starting making my XP unattended cd, but when it was time to set up WPI i get and error. But why? (The error is on the screenshot) When i started configurating the wpi config.js file via the wpi, i keept checking for any errors by closing and re-opening wpi. (Just to make sure ) There was no problem until i added CDRW!N (The 16th Program) into the config.js. When i click on Yes or No button nothing apperars, everything is vanished. BUT WHY...? Please help me! THX (Hope you understood my problem )
  4. PLZZZ GUYYsssss I really need this setup exe file!!!!!!!!! Pleease someone upload it somewhere else!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! THX very much
  5. Hi nfiniteFX I really like your Setup !!! PLeASE CouLD YOU UPLOAD IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!! The current download link doesn't download the file ?!?! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! I think it's awsome !!! THX