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  1. Download my Hotkeys for Winamp (No need for Winamp Agent). WinampStartPlayPause.vbs (this one is better then "WinampPlayPause.exe") WinampPlayPause.exe WinampStop.exe WinampNextTrack.exe WinampPrevTrack.exe
  2. Hello! I use WinXP with MS LifeCam for my webcam. Anyone know how I can change ffdshow settings so it don't crash my webcam if I try to use it? I have to use Raw video = All supported so my DVD's works good on my tv-out on my TV. If I use "raw video = all supported" the webcam crash. But can I use "disable" on something in ffdshow to make my webcam work? Or only use Raw video for DVD and nothing else so my webcam works again?
  3. Thanks! Excellent. Is it possible to add "drop support" to? Like if I drop a file on the vbs script and it open the file in the program?
  4. Is it possible to send a command to a program? Like every time i start "program.exe" the key "i" sends to the program when its open? (Or like 3 sec later when i clicked on the program.exe file the key "i" sends to the program")
  5. I was bored with IMDB's links to other sites for movie trailers, so I found a script that I can recommend: right click on a word and finds the "YouTube Trailer" for the movie. YouTube Trailer "$";search=Search
  6. Mmm... your right! Sorry!
  7. How can I change the "standard" location of IE7 favorites? (Can't find it in regedit or when I Google, it was possible in IE6...)
  8. Hmm... ok. I'm new to make my own .reg-files and I read somewhere that if you put a (-) before the [changes] you uinstall it... Like this: [b]Example.reg[/b] REGEDIT4 INSTALL ; WHAT IS DOES [Changes] UNINSTALL ; WHAT IS DOES [-Changes] So my thought was if use only .reg files with the install info, and no extra code, then I have a explorer shell thats inserts a "-" after every "[" then it would be solved. I want this because then I can easy test new .reg-files (and make my own) and if I don't like it I can switch back fast.
  9. I'm looking for a shell to uninstall .reg-files when I right click on them in explorer? Is it possible?
  10. I'm looking for a secret program list or something like that.
  11. Is there any good way to hide apps with TI-89? I use to have TI-83 with mirage os..
  12. Hello, I use this script to join servers and channels in mIRC. But how can I change it so it works? The problem now is that the "/msg botboy" should come before the "j #Chat" I think... Anyone? On 1:Start: { server -m -j #Chat } On 1:Connect: { if ($server == { /msg botboy PASS ********* } }
  13. This should do it @echo off pushd %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 for /f "tokens=*" %%a in ('dir /s/b favicon*.ico') do del "%%a" popd <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank you nakira! It works verry well!
  14. Great! How do i write that in a batch file? DEL favicon.ico C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files