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  1. My mother has a Windows 8.1 PC with GWX Control Panel and Never10 installed on it. This past Wednesday, GWX Control Panel reported the presence of files related to Windows 10. Running Never10 reported that "Windows 10 Upgrade is ENABLED for this system!" Apparently, a Windows update re-enabled the ability of Windows 8.1 to be "upgraded" to Windows 10. In addition, neither GWX Control Panel nor Never10 are able to reverse this condition or delete the Windows 10-related files. Considering that the period for the free "upgrade" to Windows 10 has passed, it seems rather strange that this would happen now. Something else strange also occurred. I sent the following two links to my mother so she could download the latest version of GWX Control Panel. Download page: http://ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/ Direct download link: http://ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/GwxControlPanelSetup.exe My mother's reply: "My computer won't let me download either one. I click on the link and I wait and it doesn't open." I downloaded GwxControlPanelSetup.exe, changed its name, and then uploaded the renamed installer file to a personal website. My mother was then able to download the (renamed) GWX Control Panel installer and install the latest version. The latest version of GWX Control Panel also failed to fix the problem. I'm not sure what to think of all this. Phil
  2. I found this article yesterday: http://www.chntpw.com/reset-forgotten-microsoft-account-password-windows-10-8/ It's probably too late to help you, but it might help someone else. Phil
  3. The download link in the first post isn't working for me. Phil
  4. Hi Dave, Well, I did have it briefly installed at one point, but it annoyed me so I removed it. I am going to try switching to Classic Search and see if that works. If so, I'll probably stick with that. Thanks for the feedback (you too, Dclem). UPDATE: Switching to Classic Search worked. I used this method to make the switch: Restore Classic Search in Windows XP Phil
  5. I just discovered that the search function in Windows Explorer is broken. The little animated search dog appears, but the area above him is completely grey. I am wondering if one of the recent POSReady updates is responsible. Has anyone else encountered this problem recently? Phil
  6. Woody Leonhard recently pointed out that there are two new suspicious updates: Source: MS-DEFCON 3: Get patches installed, except for a couple I downloaded both of them. Here are the file names (and other info): 1150451 bytes Mar 2 19:02 windows8.1-kb3103709-v2-x86_b99cdf57e8814c1a882ece313690c5431068847d.cab 11592414 bytes Mar 2 19:16 windows8.1-kb3115224-v2-x86_55b4b6444674bcddcb9922b0dea12b0e7dd15ef9.cab Obviously, those are for the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1 Notice that both updates have "v2" in their file names. I checked my collection of updates to see if I have earlier versions of these updates. I do not. Phil
  7. This program might save you a lot of aggravation: Portable Update. It's what I use. I never use Windows Update or automatic updates. Here's another program that might be useful: ABC-Update. I haven't used that one yet, but I have at least one idea on how I might use it. Since it's a command-line utility, I was thinking of creating a batch file that uses ABC-Update to uninstall all of the suspect updates that are listed on the first page of this thread. Phil
  8. I believe that Woody may have the answer: Phil
  9. Or use both. I like the extra control (and capabilities) that running Windows in a virtual machine gives me. For example, I can easily (and conveniently) deny Windows internet access and enable it only when I need it. There are also other options. Like this one: ReactOS 0.4 brings open source Windows closer to reality Thanks to the direction that Microsoft has been moving in, I believe that project is likely to see an increase in donations in the coming years. Phil
  10. That may be so, but they are not free. Crystal Anti-Exploit is free, and it seems to be very strong protection (perhaps too strong in some cases). I tested Crystal Anti-Exploit using SurfRight's Exploit Test Tool, and it failed to block only two of the tests. Phil
  11. Instead of EMET I use Crystal Anti-Exploit. It seems to offer far better protection on Windows XP than EMET. Unfortunately, some web browsers malfunction or act rather sluggish when protected by Crystal Anti-Exploit. You can read a tutorial and some discussion about it here. Phil
  12. I just found this article while doing research on the Windows 10 issue: Banishing 'Get Windows 10' nagware isn't as easy as you think There's some very interesting (and useful) information in that article. Phil
  13. A friend sent this to me today: Microsoft Reveals Real Cost Of 'Free' Windows 10 Phil
  14. Do we need to do both of those things, or is running Cert_Updater.exe enough? Phil
  15. Yup. And here's another option which looks very cool: Qubes OS.