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  1. Here is the problem: I tried with folowing switches: /qn Reboot=Suppress /qn Reboot=ReallySuppress /quiet /norestart and all other combination both .exe and .msi and no matter what combination i'm using all i've got is restart (shutdown.exe with 5sec. contdown) When i try 1st switch from command prompt on my computer running winXP everything is getting fine using WPI and alc120% 1.9.2 build 1705 retail any idea?
  2. Problem solved: It happens only when you rename original setup file silent switch works only with SetupDVDDecrypter_3.5.4.0.exe ...At least it work for me
  3. Problem occurs when I try silent instal ( /S), even "An instance of DVDDecrypter is still running. You will not be able...." Never happened with version Any idea???