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  1. No go. I just tried this on another site, to post the .jpg as just that, and it's not being parsed right at all...
  2. Still no go... can you try the code itself, so to see if it actually works? I'm getting frustrated here, and there should be no reason why this isn't working...
  3. Should it look like this?
  4. Ok, no go... and I downloaded the file you had on the first page to see if I made a mistake or no. And so far no go. This is the code in it:
  5. Dang I thought I fixed that... hmm let me try something...
  6. I don't see anything wrong with your configuration... Try getting rid of those weird characters in your code... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The issue is that what I am working on the code on the computer, there are no errors... it's after it's saved... which I don't understand how since I am saving it as a generic text format... I'm lost, and somewhat confused on what this is happening at all... This is what I see when I edit and save it as a pure txt format...
  7. OK... Do the following: Create a PHP file called phpinfo.php and put the following code in it: <?php phpinfo(); ?> Then post the link to this PHP file so I can take a look at what it outputs. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> already had it...
  8. Still not working, hell if I know what is going on. I am using 10.4 for the Mac OS, when I save this I'm using BBEdit Light... Unless bbedit light 6.1.2 is the reason for the bad code I'm clueless... And for the record if I go through the terminal and look at the folder's innards... everything is there. At least all that should be.
  9. I copy and pasted the information above... dang it... and the .htaccess file is there, I know it is cause I can edit it... I'll try again.
  10. Ok, first attempt, and so far no go. The .htaccess file is inside the Signature folder, the file as you can tell is named mysig.jpg Now I have GD plugin and the latest apache... I know this because I use GD for another part of my website... and it works perfectly... As you can tell below where I placed the image tags nothing shows up... any help would be appreciated. I changed the font to $font = '/Volumes/Server/htdocs/Signature/Caleu.ttf'; Now don't forget I'm on a Mac, but as far as I can tell if I put the font in the same folder as the signature is in, and just cut that down to: $font = /Caleu.tiff Wouldn't that work as well, or does the font need to be active in the system?
  11. That is completely untrue. I just used TextEdit on my iBook to create a hidden .htaccess file. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So where should the htaccess file be then, or go?
  12. Actually I got a question for the mods here... is there any way to either create a new topic, or something of the sort, with known working codes. 15+ pages of code that may work, that needs tweaking, and without description of what it does tends to be confusing for the starter. After reading 15 pages I myself have an idea of where to start, but I have no clue what does what, or what page has good code in it or not.
  13. Using which set of directions? And on what page?
  14. That is completely untrue. I just used TextEdit on my iBook to create a hidden .htaccess file. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm using Tiger, 10.4 and I can't seem to find the file.
  15. Anything with a . in front of it on a Mac will automatically be hidden. You can still create the .htaccess file. It will still work! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Macs don't allow the .htaccess file to be created, it's against the naming convention of the OS... meh... In any case I've checked the hidden files and still can't find the bugger.